Start zur 2. Etappe und eine kurze Story

Start zur 2. Etappe und eine kurze Story

27. Januar 2023 0 By Tramp

Am Ocean Race dranzubleiben erfordert einiges an Zeit.

Eine Kommentatorin der Yacht berichtete von schnellen checks der Positionen in aller Frühe und mal zwischendurch. Einige von Euch machen das sicher auch so, dazu etwas zu schreiben ist aber noch was anderes.

Jetzt sind die Boote auf dem 2. Schlag von den Kapverden Richtung Kapstadt unterwegs. Bei den Emails finden sich immer wieder tolle Bilder, die sich einfach gut anschauen lassen. 

25 January 2023, Leg 2 onboard Team Malizia. Aerial view of the first sunset after departing Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde.

Also wollte ich noch eine Story dazu haben und habe die KI Chat-GPT gebeten eine Geschichte zum Ocean race zu schreiben. Leider kennt die KI nur die Geschichte bis 2021 und somit nicht das aktuelle Rennen. Schade eigentlich, aber es wird ja noch daran gearbeitet.

Also habe ich eine allgemeine Segelgeschichte angefragt. Hier die Geschichte zum Segeln, wie die KI sie ausspuckt. Ich habe es im Original gelassen, ist ganz nett.




Once upon a time, there was a sailor named Jack. He had always been fascinated by the sea, and the thrill of adventure that came with it. He had grown up near the coast and had spent most of his free time sailing and exploring the waters around his home.

As he grew older, Jack decided that he wanted to make a career out of sailing. He worked hard to save up enough money to buy his own boat, and after years of saving and planning, he finally made his dream a reality.

He purchased a beautiful 40-foot sailboat, which he named „The Sea Explorer“. It was a sleek, well-built vessel that had been designed for long-distance racing. Jack spent months outfitting and preparing the boat for its first voyage. He replaced the rigging, added new navigation equipment and made sure that every inch of the boat was in top condition.

Finally, the day of departure arrived. Jack set sail from his home port with a sense of excitement and adventure. He had planned a journey that would take him around the world, visiting some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth.

The first leg of his journey was a passage across the Atlantic Ocean. The weather was perfect, and the wind was strong and steady. Jack spent hours at the helm, reveling in the feeling of being at one with the sea. He was in his element, and he knew that this was where he belonged.

As he sailed, Jack encountered all kinds of challenges. He faced rough seas, strong winds and even a few storms, but he always managed to stay the course. He was determined to reach his destination, and nothing was going to stop him.

Along the way, he met other sailors, who shared their stories and experience with him. He learned a lot from these encounters and formed many new friendships. He also had the chance to explore different cultures and to discover new places.

Finally, after months at sea, Jack arrived at his final destination. He had sailed around the world, and he had done it all alone on his boat. He felt a sense of accomplishment and pride that he had never felt before. He realized that this journey was not only about the destination, but also about the journey itself.

Jack returned home, where he was greeted as a hero. He had accomplished something that very few people had ever done before. He had proven that anything is possible if you have the courage to pursue your dreams.

From that day on, Jack’s boat, The Sea Explorer, became a legend. It was a symbol of adventure, determination and the human spirit. Jack went on to sail many more voyages, but he always remembered his first one, as the one that changed his life forever.

Jack’s story is a reminder that if you have a dream and are willing to work hard to make it a reality, you can achieve anything. Even if you’re alone, with just your boat and your courage, you can accomplish the impossible.



Gesucht werden aber noch natürliche Intelligenzler, die sich an unserer Homepage beteiligen wollen.

Gerne melden.

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